This morning as I opened my eyes to the new day, I felt a surge of panic pulsate through my body, from the top of my head to the very soles of my feet. ‘You can’t do today,’ it whispered quietly to my very core, ‘you cannot manage life’. ‘Don’t get up, stay where you … More Blue

Crow Woman

Apparently the raven teaches us that light or wisdom can come from the darkness. Now that certainly feels good to know. It seems that I’ve run from darkness for a very long time, unprepared to look at the parts of myself or my history that bring me pain. It’s beautiful arty women like this that … More Crow Woman

In the Swim

The turtles appeared very early. I told them ‘no! it is too early!’ and did my best to ignore them. I continued to paint layer upon layer, thrashing around in my art room like a crazy woman, dancing & singing loudly, welcoming the freedom my art space offers me, where I am able to be … More In the Swim


One felt as if there was an enormous well behind them. Filled up with ages of memory and long, slow, steady thinking; but their surface was sparkling with the present : like sun shimmering on the outer leaves of a vast tree, or on the ripples of a very deep lake. I don’t know, but … More Family


‘A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man’ – Turkish proverb. Maybe every brave woman too? I would like to be braver in my blogging, even just showing up more for a start. I’d like to be less concerned about how and what I write; whether my paintings are ‘enough’, and less worried … More Lionheart

Bee Sting

Showing up in my art room recently, a wave of painful emotion presented itself. Perfect timing for a painting. Time to let it rise, let it out of my body, and process the pain. Honoring this process, there appeared a bee and a child. The bee lay dead, the child lay wounded, surrounded by chaos … More Bee Sting