What does being a member of #teambird look like?

The vast majority of dōTERRA Members are people who join to use the oils to support themselves and their families. Support for Customers within #teambird is offered through
  • an email series offering education & support for New Team Members
  • education, support & give aways within the #teambird ‘Tree of Love’ Facebook Group
  • ‘How to’ e-Books to educate & inspire everyday essential oil use
  • monthly ‘Make & Take’ recipe Emails
  • monthly In Person Make & Takes, depending on location
  • weekly Oily Coffee Mornings, depending on location
  • on-going mentoring & support
  • monthly ‘Getting Started with dōTERRA’ Workshops, depending on location
  • the opportunity to either enjoy the Ōils for personal use or opt into earning Essential Ōils for FREE, with no obligation to build a business
For those who wish to build a residual income we have plenty of support! We actively guide Entrepreneurial Souls who are working toward financial freedom to know themselves – to step into their OWN dreams – through overcoming and discovering how to grow their dōTERRA biz in the way that best works for them.
We do this by
  • one-on-one Mentoring & Support
  • a strengths & growth based focus for team building, encouraging action over perfectionism
  • a dynamic #teambird Biz Facebook Group
  • regular #teambird Biz Zoom Meetings
  • monthly #teambird Biz Training
  • regular opportunities to Grow & Shine
  • regular Open EO101 Classes
  • yearly Team Retreat
  • creative opportunities for Biz Builders
  • a solid, supportive upline presence within the Team

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Have you ever had a ‘Landslide’? Back in 2013, in my late 40’s, I was wrestling with Life and all it that meant for me. 

Part of my coping strategy at that stage was to seek to listen to what brought me joy and do my darndest to follow it (is that even a word?). I felt a calling from deep within me to paint. I’d never painted before and I didn’t know how or where to begin. I contacted the local Art Centre and started in a beginners painting class. I struggled to work within the classroom – just like the old days! After 9 months of attending classes and trying to copy ‘nice’ pictures, I enrolled in an intuitive painting class online and haven’t stopped painting since!

It was actually a HUGE time of letting go, working through life stuff, reconstructing, processing childhood trauma and difficult emotions. My art very gently supported and loved me. And it continually called me during this process. Learning online really suited me and it still does. I can paint in my own time and space, feeling free to dance and sing and create in whatever way is comfortable for me.

I discovered my SELF.

I discovered I struggle to do ‘nice’.

I discovered I’m more into ‘real’.

I disovered it’s okay to fall apart and begin again.






This morning as I opened my eyes to the new day, I felt a surge of panic pulsate through my body, from the top of my head to the very soles of my feet.

‘You can’t do today,’ it whispered quietly to my very core, ‘you cannot manage life’. ‘Don’t get up, stay where you are, you are safest right here.’

I looked up and there She was, on the wall. She blew me a kiss and said ‘Good morning! Get up! It’s such a beautiful day. There’s so much to be done!’


Crow Woman Transforms

Well, who would’ve known? Crow Woman became ‘Gypsy’. And what a joy she is to me. She is many colours, many beings, many things. She’s seen many things and has much more to see. She is actually, layer upon layer upon layer of love. And she loved me back, even when I hated her. Still she blossomed. Still she evolved. Still she became.

Just. Who. She. Was. Meant. To. Be.


I’ve been away from my blog for a while. I find it difficult to be here for some reason. I’d much rather be painting. It is so much easier to me to add my progressive photos to my facebook page click here to view!

Crow Woman

Apparently the raven teaches us that light or wisdom can come from the darkness. Now that certainly feels good to know. It seems that I’ve run from darkness for a very long time, unprepared to look at the parts of myself or my history that bring me pain.

It’s beautiful arty women like this that help me to confront and work on the deep, mysterious, uncomfortable parts of me.

Crow Woman, acrylic on canvas.


In the Swim

The turtles appeared very early. I told them ‘no! it is too early!’ and did my best to ignore them. I continued to paint layer upon layer, thrashing around in my art room like a crazy woman, dancing & singing loudly, welcoming the freedom my art space offers me, where I am able to be me, in all my rawness and humility.

Then I saw they were smiling at me. They didn’t know if they were swimming in the sea or flying in the air, and they were accompanied too.

And it was right. All was right.

In the Swim‘, acrylic on canvas, 61x77cm. 

 Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell’, Bill Copeland