Mother Earth

It’s been a beautiful journey – not necessarily an easy one but such a very beautiful one.  She appeared upon the canvas so quickly and the duck came with her. I called her ‘Dream-time’ when she first appeared, because she had appeared to me from a dream-like place.  She was so raw and honest and true; she amazed me so.

I am a mark maker. The process of ‘allowing’ is a relatively new and important practice to me. When I paint, I practice tapping into my ‘knowing’ and allowing what wants to appear. Then I allow what ‘is’. This daily practice on the canvas then transfers to life. I have noticed a bit of a shift in my painting process recently. This is exciting, as when this occurs in my art, a similar shift will often play out in my real life.

There is so much here in this painting. I’m hesitant to divulge too much about Her, as  I’m sure she’d rather speak directly to you. You will see what you need to see and this is a most important part of the process. I will say something though – there is one there who was deemed ‘not good enough’ and she sits in the background. Although she is comfortable hiding, she offers a strong presence and is a foundation for the rest of the canvas to shine. The ‘not good enough’ one is so important in this piece. I need not be afraid of her. Maybe I can even allow her?

Jackson Browne sang to me often while painting this one. As he says in the song Fountain of Sorrow –

‘Fountain of sorrow, fountain of light
You’ve known that hollow sound of your own steps in flight
You’ve had to hide sometimes, but now you’re all right
And it’s good to see your smiling face tonight

Fountain of sorrow, fountain of light
You’ve known that hollow sound of your own steps in flight
You’ve had to struggle, you’ve had to fight
To keep understanding and compassion in sight
You could be laughing at me, you’ve got the right
But you go on smiling so clear and so bright’

And Mother Earth – there she stands, holding it all in her loving arms. With the duck. Don’t forget about the duck.

‘Mother Earth’ – Acrylic on Canvas, 61 x 77cm.

Story Teller

She was absolutely ready when the time was right and not a moment before. I’ve been turning her around for two years or more – often feeling like a failure; my inner critic’s loud and obnoxious voice tormenting me.Yesterday, feeling troubled and low, I reached out for her. I don’t know what happened, but my muse appeared and then everything flowed. I decided I am okay after all, that I can complete good enough work that is alive and comes from my soul.

Every time I post here, every time I share, it is a call out against my inner critic. And I am dressed too, in Frankincense and Myrrh, as I tell my story.

She tells many stories – whichever way she faces.  Story Teller, Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50cm.