About My Art

Back in 2013, in my late 40’s, something very strange happened for me. I was in the midst of a personal ‘Landslide’ and I was really wrestling with Life & all it that meant for me. 

Part of my coping strategy at that stage was to seek to listen to what really brought me joy & to follow it. I felt a strange calling from deep within me to ‘paint’. I’d never painted before & I didn’t even know how to begin, so I contacted the local Art Centre & started in a beginners painting class. After 9 months of attending classes, I enrolled in an online class & haven’t looked back since.

It was actually a big time of letting go, working through life stuff, reconstructing, processing childhood trauma & difficult emotions. My art very gently supported and loved me. And it continually called me during this process. Learning online really suited me & it still does. I can paint in my own time & space, feeling free to dance & sing and create in whatever way is comfortable for me.

I discovered my SELF.

My art is an exploration of my intuition. I love to follow my joy, explore & I call myself a ‘Mark Maker’ – generally playing with acrylics and mixed media. My expression is organic & colourful, for the purpose of self-discovery, healing, forward motion and centred living.

I diffuse and/or wear Essential Oils throughout my painting process to support, expand and empower me. They are as important to me as my painting process & also support me financially, enabling me to paint & follow my joy.

Reach out if you’d like to know more.



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