About Me

As a Painter & Mark Maker, I practice an Intuitive Painting Technique with a focus on Emotional Healing, Self Discovery and Play. The emotional healing power of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils has a significant role in my painting process. I offer open workshops to Team Members. As I am blessed with a strong urge to create, facilitating ‘Creativity & Essential Oil Workshops’ in the mix!

I have a Vision to provide a self funded Art Drop-In Centre for Adults in my home town one day, because it is Art that saved me, along with Essential Oils. I long to financially support research into a cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis, raise awareness about Adult Children of Alcoholics, empower women to become fully Self Supporting, break out of my own poverty cycle & encourage people to stand in their Truth and know themselves – this can be shaky ground, but Frankincense helps.

With a strong love for the Ocean, Nature, family, fairytales, cappuccinos & getting lost in my painting process for as long as it takes, I am honoured to witness the ‘rising up’ of AMAZING Men & Women who choose to step into their calling & find themselves. They are, after all, their very own works of art.

I am a Possibilitarian and Passionista devoted to
  • Sharing the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils & products for optimal health & wellness with the World, and
  • Getting my creative on wherever I go, as often as possible.

Known as a down-to-earth, compassionate Gold Team Leader, I am committed to educating, empowering & supporting the ever-growing #teambird Tree of Love – a tribe of Essential Oil Lovers.

I live in a crooked little shack beside the ocean, in the stunning Great Southern Region of Western Australia. I paint as often as possible and travel throughout Australia to support my dōTERRA Team. This year I am heading overseas to grow my Ōily Tribe!

Support for Customers within #teambird is offered through –

  • an email series offering education & support for New Team Members
  • education, support & give aways within the #teambird ‘Tree of Love’ Facebook Group
  • ‘How to’ e-Books to educate & inspire everyday essential oil use
  • monthly ‘Make & Take’ recipe Emails
  • monthly In Person Make & Takes, depending on location
  • weekly Oily Coffee Mornings, depending on location
  • on-going mentoring & support
  • monthly ‘Getting Started with dōTERRA’ Workshops, depending on location
  • the opportunity to either enjoy the Ōils for personal use or opt into earning Essential Ōils for FREE, with no obligation to build a business
Within #teambird, we actively guide Entrepreneurial Souls who are working toward financial freedom to know themselves – to step into their OWN dreams – through overcoming and discovering how to grow their dōTERRA biz in a way that best works for them.
We do this by
  • one-on-one Mentoring & Support
  • a strengths & growth based focus for team building, encouraging action over perfectionism
  • a dynamic #teambird Biz Facebook Group
  • regular #teambird Biz Zoom Meetings
  • monthly #teambird Biz Training
  • regular opportunities to Grow & Shine
  • regular Open EO101 Classes
  • yearly Team Retreat
  • creative opportunities for Biz Builders
  • a solid, supportive upline presence within the Team


A lot of the time, I am so moved, the ocean comes out of my eyes.