Have you ever had a ‘Landslide’? Back in 2013, in my late 40’s, I was wrestling with Life and all it that meant for me. 

Part of my coping strategy at that stage was to seek to listen to what brought me joy and do my darndest to follow it (is that even a word?). I felt a calling from deep within me to paint. I’d never painted before and I didn’t know how or where to begin. I contacted the local Art Centre and started in a beginners painting class. I struggled to work within the classroom – just like the old days! After 9 months of attending classes and trying to copy ‘nice’ pictures, I enrolled in an intuitive painting class online and haven’t stopped painting since!

It was actually a HUGE time of letting go, working through life stuff, reconstructing, processing childhood trauma and difficult emotions. My art very gently supported and loved me. And it continually called me during this process. Learning online really suited me and it still does. I can paint in my own time and space, feeling free to dance and sing and create in whatever way is comfortable for me.

I discovered my SELF.

I discovered I struggle to do ‘nice’.

I discovered I’m more into ‘real’.

I disovered it’s okay to fall apart and begin again.





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