Story Teller

She was absolutely ready when the time was right and not a moment before. I’ve been turning her around for two years or more – often feeling like a failure; my inner critic’s loud and obnoxious voice tormenting me.Yesterday, feeling troubled and low, I reached out for her. I don’t know what happened, but my muse appeared and then everything flowed. I decided I am okay after all, that I can complete good enough work that is alive and comes from my soul.

Every time I post here, every time I share, it is a call out against my inner critic. And I am dressed too, in Frankincense and Myrrh, as I tell my story.

She tells many stories – whichever way she faces.  Story Teller, Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50cm.


I use Frankincense every single day and here is just ONE of the ways that I do!
I use Frankincense (the Oil of Truth) as a base note in my aromatic dressing, added to Organic Coconut Oil, along with Myrrh (the Oil of Mother Earth) and whatever mid or high note is calling to me. Often it is Bergamot (the Oil of Self Acceptance) and/or Clary Sage (the Oil of Clarity & Vision). I have a daily ritual, where once showered, I combine the oils in the palm of my hand and rub them onto my body. I play particular attention to my heart space, belly and hips and speak words of affirmation and love.
‘I belong. I am connected. I am worthy. I step out in love. I honour myself. I am open to truth. I can manage. I am enough.’
After 50+ years of speaking unkindly to my body, I am experiencing significant change by adopting this simple, mindful daily practice.
As an Adult Child of an Alcoholic, it has been a struggle for me to manage life ‘appropriately’ on a daily basis. I have tried to mask this for 50+ years, resulting in some crazy behaviour, overwhelming emotions, a fear of life and my own struggle with addiction.
So today, to dress in Frankincense and Myrrh is to give ME the gift of CONNECTION to myself. It is difficult to explain, yet I feel supported and connected in a way I have never known before. I am finding that to be supported on every level of life – physical, emotional, spiritual and financial is a very blessed way to be.
Now this is just one way that I use Frankincense. There are many more ways that I use it, which may unfold in the pages of my blog. Contact me if you’d like to know more – I’d love to hear from you.
I’m off to make some Raw Chocolate infused with Essential Oil!
See the Emotional properties of Frankincense below- excerpt from the Emotions & Essential Oils Book. No wonder I love it! I think it’s got to be my favourite.
Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths. It invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. This oil helps create new perspectives based on light and truth. Frankincense recalls to memory spiritual understanding, gifts, wisdom and knowledge the soul brought into the world. it is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness. Frankincense assists in pulling ‘scales of darkness’ from the eyes, the barriers from the mind and the walls from the heart. Through connecting the soul with its inner light, this oil reveals the truth.
Frankincense supports in creating a healthy attachment with one’s father. It assists in spiritual awakening and helps an individual feel the fatherly love of the Divine. When one has felt abandoned or forgotten, Frankincense reminds them that they are loved and protected. While this oil is incredibly powerful, it is also gentle, like a loving father who nurtures, guides and protects. Frankincense shields the body from negative influences and assists the soul in its spiritual evolution. Enhancing practices of prayer and meditation, this oil opens spiritual channels that allow an individual to connect to God. Through the light and power of Frankincense, the individual can draw closer to divinity, healthy masculinity and the grandeur of the True Self.
The emotions addressed by this oil include – Abandonment, spiritual disconnection, distant from father, unprotected, spiritual darkness.