Last year I went on holiday to Tasmania, Australia. For this I had to fly in an aeroplane or two to get there. Being the highly anxious flyer that I am, I’d decided to see a doctor for some Valium to get me through, although this prospect scared me somewhat too. My beloved daughter Mamatree offered to send me dōTERRA’s Grounding Blend (Balance) of Essential Oils to try as an alternative, which I accepted with some trepidation.  This was the first of many surreal experiences of the power of Essential Oils. I used about half a bottle in that week. I dressed my feet in a carrier oil and ‘Balance’ every morning. I wore it on my pulse points. I carried it in my handbag and placed drops into the palms of my hands, inhaling deeply seeking balance as needed.  On the way to Cradle Mountain we stopped to enjoy the view and this was a life defining moment for me. Overwhelmed with the beauty of the mountain I raised my hands in awe of life and sensed something ‘new’ rising up within me. 

I called out ‘Yes!’ across the mountains. 

I called out, ‘I say YES to life!’ 

It was a strange sort of knowing – a sense of personal power that was somehow foreign yet very familiar to me. A paradox of sorts. Like I knew something and yet maybe I knew nothing at all.

Rumi tells us ‘Life is a balance of holding on and letting go’. I really like that. I’ve been a seeker my whole life. I’ve been chasing balance for a long while now and I’m learning. I’m giving up the chase. No more chasing for me. Just balance. Right there. In my handbag whenever need it.

And painting. More and more painting for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Hi, it’s Ana here. I was just now able to revisit this email and sign up to follow you. I tried while I was away in the States and wasn’t able to, maybe because I was on someone else’s computer.
    This looks like a wonderful site and I loved reading what you wrote. It all sounds so good.
    I will send you an email and express more of what’s been happening here.
    Lots of love,

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