well i have my two library books in front of me, ‘wordpress for dummies’ and ‘wordpress on demand’. i wonder why it feels so bamboozling? for some reason i read the pages but the information just doesn’t seem to go in. i cannot seem to connect. i might be a doer and not a reader. i might just have to dive in and make lots of mistakes to finally get it. i think i understand what a widget is. but then again maybe i don’t. i’ve added some ‘widgety’ looking things to my blog. it feels a little friendlier.  i’ve managed to place my facebook friends smiling at me there.

what i really want to do right now is paint. because somehow painting fixes everything.

i’m practicing a new attitude. i’m allowing myself to be a beginner. i’m letting myself make mistakes. i can try to build this little site and i can even muck it up.

so just for today, i’ll continue to show up. i’ll commit to doing just a little bit more. i’ll try to focus on what is working. and then i’ll trust that the way will appear.

stepping out. connecting. trusting. letting go.

Acrylic on canvas, 40x40".
Acrylic on canvas, 40×40″.


14 thoughts on “connected

  1. This painting is just reaching out and grabbing my heart!! 🙂 The colors are stunning, especially amazing how they harmonize so well with the subtle shadow looking out. And love the owl and moon that I didn’t see on facebook thumbnail and the woman within the tree… all so beautiful and serene. I also resonate with your message in this post: “then i’ll trust that the way will appear. stepping out. connecting. trusting. letting go.” You captured so well what I have also been going through… including the words that keep coming back over and over “connect” “trust” “let go” and for me, “open” to vulnerability and being seen and connecting, etc. Thank you for sharing! The universe works in mysterious ways and I’m glad that our (virtual) paths have crossed. 🙂

    1. Wow, such an encouraging comment! Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad we connected. I hope we can meet in the real world one day. In the meantime virtual will have to do! Thanks again. I feel encouraged!

  2. Love this painting, would have loved to watch you actually painting it too. Well done on the blogging too, as for the techie stuff…. bluegh… one day we hope to afford someone who can do all that plus the books and we can just paint:)

    1. Oh yeah, I’m hearing you Lynda! Thank you! I do have some progress shots that I’d like to include but it all felt a bit too hard. I might try it on my Facebook page as it seems easier.

  3. Welcome to wordpress! I have been at it over a year now and honestly can say… it gets easier, i swear! One post at a time… one tutorial or new thing at a time. you will be a pro in no time!

  4. Creative painting and that is certainly something to build a blog around. The technical stuff gets easier the more you do it. Trying and connecting is a perk for WP and the other formats.

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