today my offering is of some process shots of my canvas ‘connected’. in september 2013 i had the privilege of participating in flora bowley’s bloom true class,


well i have my two library books in front of me, ‘wordpress for dummies’ and ‘wordpress on demand’. i wonder why it feels so bamboozling? for some reason i read the pages but the information just doesn’t seem to go in. i cannot seem to connect. i might be a doer and not a reader. … More connected

to be honest

i don’t have a clue about what i’m doing. this page is like another world. or a foreign country. i do not speak this language. i see ‘add media’, ‘add poll’, ‘b-quote’, ‘ul’, ‘ol’, and stuff. i feel very uncomfortable. if i’m not careful i may begin to panic because apparently this is really important … More to be honest