Hey! I’m Jaybird & it’s great to see you!

As an ’empty nester’ and mature-aged woman, it was a shock to wake up one day and realise that I was actually living a lie. It was as if a dark storm had mysteriously crept up and overwhelmed me, and all I could do was hang on for my life. It was, after all, a mid0life crisis.

Somehow I mustered up the courage – as big as a mustard seed – and I allowed myself to listen to my gut. I ran away and hid. And in the midst of the hiding, I began to earnestly search for the answers to my own questions. I discovered that by tapping into my CREATIVITY, embracing my INTUITION and exploring PURE Essential Oils into my daily living, a gentle, loving and pivotal transition began.

I embraced my curiosity. I allowed myself to say no. I practiced listening to my heart. I began to experience a new joy and wonder of life. I experienced becoming ‘grounded’.


Are you a creative like me? What brings you here? Are you seeking to live an abundant life too? Are you just an average woman like me, who wants to live a PASSIONATE life?

Can you feel your own mustard seed developing?

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